Anonymous asked:

Hello ! I really like your blog! Xx but anyway, I feel fat, depressed, and sad a lot. I barely have friends cuz I'm shy and an introvert. I like being alone but not feeling alone. What should I do ? I feel like no one cares about me, I lose friends, and I think about what would the world be like if I wasn't here :( .. Any help ??

Hun if you weren’t here something would be missing.. look I believe in destiny. And now think about this : somewhere on this earth is you future husband/ wife searching around to find his true love. YOU! Your future family they’ll want to meet you and you will laugh and have fun. It will feel like home ♡ your future best friend always wanted to have a friend like you! Or your parents maybe sisters or brothers they want to join all the great moments you will have like your wedding or just because you’re happy ♡ See I can’t promise that tomorrow everything as a sudden is just good. Even in the future we’ll all have bad days but there will be friends at our side that we just don’t know yet. Believe in yourself darling ♡ you’re absolutley worth it! If you need something I’m here and will listen ♡ hugs and kisses ♡♡

Anonymous asked:

It's became too hard for me... I cannot hold any more... I'm nothing... (Sorry for my english, but I'm french). My best friend abandonedme, she thinks only of her. Just herself... I am alone, and Cat break me little by little every day....

You want to talk with me on KIK? Or other. But hun just tell me what’s going on on your mind I’ll listen. Doesn’t matter how your english is hahah I love you no matter what

f-ason asked:

Why do you feel so sad?

I struggeld with bad problems.. I haven’t got a super sweet childhood. And I was always the one who got betrayed by others… and I still am. Idk if more of you really want to know why I am so sad… maybe I tell you the whole story someday